101 mounts with audio power amplifiers

101 assemblies with audio power amplifiers - Audio amplifiers with electronic tubes

Reading time: 2 minute

Authors: Ing. Serban Naicu, Ing. Emil Marian
Publisher: National - Bucharest
Year of publication: 1998

The essential function of an audio power amplifier is to take an audio signal of the order of hundreds of millivolts and amplify it in voltage and current, so that in the end it is possible to transfer the desired electricity to the load impedance (speaker group from acoustic enclosure).

The audio frequency amplifier must achieve a power amplification, so both the current amplification and the voltage amplification of the initial audio frequency signal.

The book presents 101 electrical diagrams and wiring of audio power amplifiers.

This third title of the series is addressed mainly to users of electroacoustic devices, amateur or professional electronics manufacturers, but also to those interested in designing, making and, finally, using high-fidelity audio montages.

a rather extensive work, bringing together in its pages both basic theoretical notions, for those who want to better understand the field of audio frequency amplifiers, and a large number of practical schemes of such electroacoustic equipment.

The first part of the paper concisely presents theoretical aspects related to the functional stages that are part of AF amplifiers, their operating classes, the calculation of the delivered power and the nonlinear distortions introduced by these functional stages. The theoretical aspects of the paper finally contain a methodology for verifying audio frequency amplifiers.

Finally, the second part of the paper, probably the most appreciated by electronics manufacturers, includes a very large number of audio amplifiers made with electronic tubes, transistors and integrated circuits.

Simple schemes of audio amplifiers made with a small number of electronic components, having a low power, but also complex schemes, of high performance, made with the newest and competitive specialized integrated circuits (until 1998) are presented.

The progressive degree of complexity and performance of the presented audio frequency amplifiers reflects, on the one hand the continuous raising of the performance bar in this field so loved by the general audiophile public, but it also offers the electronics manufacturer the chance to choose its assembly. which is at hand. Electronic assemblies carefully selected by the authors are presented, from simple to complex, in parallel with the delivered power criterion.

Most of the diagrams are accompanied by constructive elements, along with the explanation of their operation are given the main electrical characteristics, adjustment and construction elements (including the drawing of the printed wiring).

The book presented has the following structure:


1.1. Functional stages of the audio frequency amplifier component
1.2. Operating classes of the final stage of the audio frequency amplifier power
1.3. Power delivered by the audio frequency amplifier
1.4. Nonlinear distortions in audio frequency amplifiers
1.5. Checking the power frequency amplifier


2.1. Audio amplifiers with electronic tubes
2.2. Audio amplifiers with transistors
2.3. Audio amplifiers with transistors and integrated circuits
2.4. Audio amplifiers with integrated circuits

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