HC 88 / HC90 / HC91 / HC91 + / HC2000. Home Computer systems produced at ICE

Reading time: 4 minute HC 88 was designed in 1989 at ICE Felix by eng. T. Mihu, eng. E. Dobrovie and eng. V.Cososchi. The HC 90 included the Z80A microprocessor manufactured by Zilog and Motorola memories. HC 91 was produced in 1991, having the same microprocessor (Z80A). HC 91+ was produced in 1994 with the Zilog Z80 - Z0840004PSC microprocessor, which operates at a speed of 4 Mhz. HC 2000 is an improved version of HC 91 systems.

DACICC-1 (Automatic Computing Device of the Cluj Computing Institute - 1963)

Reading time: 2 minute The DACICC-1 computer was conceived and built at the Cluj Computing Institute (Cluj-Napoca branch of the Romanian Academy) between 1959–1963 at the initiative of acad. Tiberiu Popoviciu. It is considered the first Romanian computer that used transistors and the first Romanian computer that had internal memory made of ferrite.

Microelectronica SA, from the formation of the team (1976) to the peak moment (1990)

Reading time: 3 minute The Microelectronics (ME) enterprise was, in the '80s, the top of the semiconductor industry in Romania. Microelectronica SA had 3 sections: the "Manufacture of MOS structures" section, the "Assembly-Testing of MOS circuits" section (head of department, Gelu Voicu) and the "LED" section (head of initial section, engineer Herman Ciubotaru, then engineer Dan Stoenescu).

Mihai N. Mihaila - Fundamental microscopic source of noise 1 / f in solid

Reading time: 3 minute Among the most important scientific results obtained by Dr. Mihai N. Mihaila are those related to the discovery of the mechanisms of phononic excitation in noise 1 / f and the identification of the thermal vibration movement of surface and volume atoms as a fundamental microscopic source of noise 1 / f. f in solid.