ABC electronics

ABC Electronics - What exactly is electronics?

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Author: Dumitru Codaus
Publisher: Ion Creanga
Year of publication: 1987

In fact, what is electronics?

Electronics is the main feature of the age in which we live. Starting with radio, electronics have penetrated more and more into our lives. Each of you today knows the electronic clock, the pocket computer, the light dimmers, the electronic toys, etc.

All this is just a small example of electronic applications in everyday life. But modern industry cannot be conceived without electronics and its applications, such as, for example, automation and computing techniques.

By electronics we mean the totality of theories and constructions that are based on phenomena that appear in electronic tubes, with vacuum or gas, or in semiconductors. This definition is very general. In reality, electronics consists of several fields, starting with classical radio engineering and ending with micro-electronics - the specialty of modern integrated circuits.

With each of the pages of this book you will take a step into the wonderful world of electronics and with each montage you make you will take a step into the future.

What does the book present?

In the present paper, besides the basic notions regarding the components used in constructions, a more in-depth knowledge of electronics is proposed through a series of assemblies with transistors that are easy to make, using radio parts produced by "IPRS" Baneasa and "Electro-Arges". Before that, however, there will be a short journey into the micro-cosmos of electronics.

The structure of the book

CHAPTER I - Through the world of electronics
CHAPTER II - Electronic components
CHAPTER III - Small electronic memorizer
CHAPTER IV - The electronics mini-laboratory
CHAPTER V - Practical advice
CHAPTER VI - Checking and measuring circuits
CHAPTER VII - Radio electronic installations


  1. 30 years ago I started with this book, I waited for it to come in the mail for about two weeks. How many memories… with her I started, would mark the path of my life.

  2. In the '80s, I bought 15w amplifier kits, a microphone preamplifier, powered them up and listened to music because I couldn't afford the commercial amplifiers. I always had problems at the boarding school with the pedagogue with the volume of music… .boxes made from the famous 3W speakers from Radio Gloria and a bigger one, also like 3W .. recovered from a Fantasia radio.

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