Audio - Questions and answers

Audio - Questions and answers - Make and use audio chains

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Author: Clement Brown
Translation: Eng. Doru Suciu, Eng. Marian Sampaleanu
Publisher: Tehnica - Bucharest
Year of publication: 1976

What does the paper present?

This report on the sound reproduction technique is intended to be a guide for those who are interested in obtaining a quality audition but who may be confused by the wide range of equipment available today, the varied and sometimes complex specifications cited by manufacturers and of many different requirements that arise.

All sources of audio discs, tapes and radio are presented and the technical conditions of the equipment addressed to the public are commented on insofar as it differs from those of ordinary sound reproduction.

It also explains the points that must be followed when connecting together the different components of the equipment to obtain a complete audio system.

The present paper tries, through the method of questions and answers, to guide the professional or amateur reader, in the field of high fidelity reproduction of sounds and to familiarize him with the variety of equipment and the complexity of existing specifications. All sound sources (mono and stereo) discs, radios and tape recorders are analyzed. It comments on the problems that arise when connecting several sources to obtain a complete audio system.

Contents of the book

  1. Home audio
  2. Stereo sound
  3. Disc playback equipment
  4. Amplification and receivers
  5. loudspeaker
  6. Magnetic stripe equipment
  7. Composition and use of audio chains

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