Bipolar transistor KT-3102

Bipolar transistor KT-3102 - Design of an audio frequency amplifier with and without transformer

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Manufacture of bipolar transistors

Bipolar transistors are made from silicon, gallium arsenide and germanium. The most widely used is silicon and germanium.

At the present stage, the following methods of manufacturing transistors are used: alloying method, diffusion method, planar method, planar epitaxy and planar table.

The KT-3102 transistor is an NPN silicon (Si) transistor. This transistor is manufactured by the epitaxial-planar method.

Course structure

  • KT 3102 bipolar transistor manufacturing technology
  • Physical processes in the bipolar transistor
  • Static characteristics of the bipolar transistor coupled in the common emitter scheme, common base and common collector
  • Analysis of equivalent schemes of the bipolar transistor
  • H parameters for the bipolar transistor
  • Bipolar transistor operation at high frequencies
  • Bipolar transistor operation in switching mode (pulse)
  • The mathematical model of the bipolar transistor
  • Basic parameters of the given bipolar transistor
  • Use of the bipolar transistor in electronic circuits (a schematic diagram of an electronic device containing the given class transistor is analyzed)
  • Design of an audio frequency amplifier with and without transformer

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