Relay catalog - Electromagnetics Bucharest - 1972

Relay catalog - Electromagnetics Bucharest - 1972

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Authors: I.Mihailescu, D.Zaharia, M. Gujba, P.Costinescu, R.Niculescu Sacrtau
Edited by: Office of Documentation and Technical Publications - Bucharest
Year of publication: 1972

What does the paper present?

The catalog presents a vast collection of relays typical of the 70s and 80s. Many of the manufacturing techniques of that time are still preserved today but on a smaller scale and using other types of materials.

The document is recommended for electronics enthusiasts, who want to understand in detail the functionality of industrial relays.

Catalog structure

  1. Intermediate relay type RI-1 and RI-2
  2. Intermediate relay type RI-3
  3. Timed intermediate relay type RI-3
  4. Intermediate relay type RI-3 for LDE or LDH
  5. Intermediate relay type RI-4 - RI-5
  6. Intermediate relay type RI-7
  7. Intermediate relay type RJ-8 and RI-9 for CFR
  8. Time relay type R.Tp-4
  9. RTpa-5 time relay
  10. Box with signal relays type CRS-1 and CRS-2
  11. BI-1 test blocks
  12. DD type disconnection and switching device
  13. Starter relay type RP-3
  14. Signaling relay with 3 positions, type Rds-2 and Rds-3
  15. IPR and IPP position indicator
  16. They are 100A - 500mV for LDE
  17. Maximum primary current relay for LDE
  18. Maximum voltage relay DU for LDE
  19. Relay for charging the FC type battery for LDE
  20. Protection relay type RTpC-1
  21. Protection relays type RC-1, RT-1 and RT-2
  22. Miniature relay fixed type RMF (socket type socket)
  23. SCB file code relay
  24. RI-8 and RI-9 intermediate relays for automation
  25. RTT-1 and RTT-2 transistorized relays
  26. RTp-7 time relays
  27. Protection relays type RC-2, RT-3, RT-4
  28. RPTI maximum independent primary current relay
  29. Maximum primary current dependent RPTD relay
  30. Intermediate relay RI-10

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