Catalog of electronic tubes

Catalog of electronic tubes - Series of tubes manufactured until 1956

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Authors: Georgescu Aurel, Golea Ioan
Publisher: Tehnica - Bucharest
Year of publication: 1956

What does the paper present?

In this catalog we sought to make available to technicians (now passionate about vintage electronics) - as much data on the characteristics of electronic tubes, so that they can be used not only for maintenance or repair of devices containing such tubes, but even when designing them.

In order for the use of the data in the tables, especially of the characteristic curves, to be possible for a wide circle of technicians (passionate about vintage electronics), the paper contains, in addition to the characteristic data, an introductory material in which it was sought to expose, in short, the necessary notions for the use of the data contained in tables and diagrams.

Catalog structure


I. Manufactured tube series
  1. Soviet production
  2. American production
  3. European production
  4. Tubes produced in countries of popular democracy
II. Possibility to replace the tubes
  1. Modifications to the base
  2. Heating changes
  3. Differences of operating points and parameters
  4. Table of old tubes
  5. Replacement table and equivalents
  6. The equivalent of modern tubes
III. The main notions regarding electronic tubes and circuits
  1. Electrons and electricity
  2. Electronic broadcast
  3. Principle of operation of electronic tubes
  4. Characteristics and parameters of electronic tubes
  5. Limit data for the use of electronic tubes
  6. Functions of electronic tubes in receivers
IV. Formulas and nomograms
  1. Diode
  2. Voltage amplifier triodes
  3. Final triodes (power amplifiers)
  4. Tetrodes and pentodes voltage amplifier with fixed slope
  5. Voltage amplifying voltage pentodes with variable slope
  6. Power amplifier pentodes
  7. Hexode and heptode
  8. Triode-hexode
  9. Special tubes
  10. Agreement indicators
  11. Cathode ray tubes
  12. Stabilizer tubes

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