Technical bulletin - Electronica Bucuresti Nr.10 - Televisions with 4 integrated circuits

Reading time: 2 minute The color TV that was to be manufactured at Electronica in 1983 consumes less than 100W from the mains and works freely at mains voltages between 150V and 250V. In this way, the design ensures that an essential task for the national economy and for the remote owner is achieved: energy saving.

IIRUC Electrotechnics - What is electrokinetics?

Reading time: 4 minute The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction discovered by M. Faraday in 1831 was the basis of technical applications for the production, transport and use of electromagnetic energy. Later, in 1873, JC Maxwell deepened and elaborated the theory of the electromagnetic field. Verified by the experience of H. Hertz in 1888, the theory of the electromagnetic field was to be later translated into practical applications and to be finalized in the transmission of information by means of electromagnetic waves.

Linear integrated circuits - Applications - Inductive position and space vibration transducer

Reading time: 3 minute Did you know that ...? In Romania, since 1974, were produced the first analog-linear integrated circuits with applications in the field of audio, radio receivers and televisions? Therefore, the first radio receivers with integrated circuits were born with the radio frequency and intermediate frequency floors integrated in a TBA 570 chip, with stereo decoder type A758 and with the final audio stage type TCA 150, which at that time placed the products at the top level of world technology.

Transistors - What can be done with a faulty transistor?

Reading time: 2 minute Did you know that ...? Since the year of the first transistorized receiver (1954, in the USA and 1956 in Europe), was the trend of production and use of tube radio receivers decreasing drastically, especially in the West? At Electronica - Bucharest the production of transceivers with transistors started in 1959 with an insignificant number, in the following year producing 1992 pcs., And in 1961 - 49835 pcs.

Build radios - Who invented the radio?

Reading time: 3 minute Did you know that ...? For more than 120 years, society cannot decide who invented radio? In fact, almost at the same time, this brilliant discovery was made by several scientists from different countries: Alexandru Popov (Russia), Guglielmo Marconi (Italy), Nikola Tesla (Serbia), Heinrich Hertz (Germany) and Ernest Rutherford. (New Zealand).

Electronic Kaleidoscope - Arranging recovered electronic parts

Reading time: 2 minute The book presents assemblies with integrated circuits, transistors and electronic tubes. Among the topics presented, we list: Portable radio receivers with transistors; Replacing a frequency changer tube; Mounting with operational amplifiers; Audio montages with CMOS integrated circuits; Recovered speakers; Tape recorder amplifier with electronic tubes;