Electronics for Absolute Beginners - Introduction to electronics

Electronics for Absolute Beginners - Introduction to electronics

Reading time: <1 minut This course presents interactively general aspects described for everyone to understand, regarding the connection of batteries in electronic circuits, experiments with series and parallel circuits, how to read and operate resistors, how to operate and place LEDs in circuits electronics, how NPN transistors work, electrolytic capacitors and more.

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Distortion and noise

Distortion and Noise - Additive White Gaussian Noise Model (AWGN)

Reading time: <1 minut Distortion and noise are two different unwanted effects on signals. The systems are designed to minimize the effect of these two unwanted phenomena. In data communication, if not properly addressed, the effects of attenuation and distortion have the potential to make a data transfer unsuccessful.

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MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Transistor

MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Transistor

Reading time: <1 minut The MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) transistor is a semiconductor device, made of silicon, which has three terminals, called DRAIN, GRID, and SOURCE. Depending on its constructive peculiarities, MOS transistors are divided into two main categories: MOS transistors with induced channel and MOS transistors with initial channel.

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Measurement of electrical and non-electrical quantities

Measurement of electrical and non-electrical quantities

Reading time: 2 minute Among the main topics discussed in this course, we list: Measurements on the shape of signals; Distortion meters with filters; Sensors-execution elements; Metrological characteristics of transducers; Input impedance, output impedance and load effect; Temperature measurement methods; Methods based on infrared radiation absorption; Ionizing radiation dosimetry.

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Electronic student handbook

The textbook of the electronic student - Mihai P. Dinca

Reading time: 2 minute The course presented is structured in 8 chapters as follows: Introductory notions; Voltage and current sources; Semiconductor diodes; Bipolar transistors; Recovery and stabilization; Devices with negative dynamic resistance; Field effect transistors; The effect of temperature on characteristics.

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