How to build a 2 x 3W stereo audio amplifier with BA5406?

Reading time: 3 minute The DIY kit shown is an AB class audio amplifier that uses the BA5406 integrated circuit produced by ROHM. Easy to make, with only a few electronic components, it can connect without problems to most signal preamplifiers or to the output of sound cards from the PC, its input impedance being high.

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MAX712 - Controller for fast charging of NiCd / NiMH batteries

Reading time: 4 minute MAX712 (and MAX713, with very small differences) is a specialized integrated circuit for fast charging of NiCd or NiMH batteries from a direct current voltage source. From 1 to 16 elements (1.2V) connected in series can be charged, their number being programmed by hardware.

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How to build a 1W audio amplifier with TDA7052?

Reading time: 2 minute There are many applications that require a simple, inexpensive and reasonable power amplifier for portable circumstances (trips). The TDA7052 is a very easy to build, battery-powered power amplifier with decent power for its size and simplicity. The article contains two construction variants of the 1W amplifier.

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