Bibolar Trasistor Selection Guide - 2003

Reading time: <1 minut The paper presents a catalog of bipolar power transistors manufactured by Fairchild Semiconductor. The following types of transistors are described: General Purpose Transistors; Darlington Transistors; Switching Transistors; Horizontal Deflection Output Transistors; Dynamic Focus Transistors; Audio & Car Amp Output Transistors; Anti-Saturation Transistors;

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Integrated circuits - Catalog of equivalents

Reading time: 3 minute Most CIs produced in the CIS are specified with the specification of Western equivalents (if any). The equivalents are specified and vice versa - Western CI and CIS respectively. For some more commonly used Western coded IC series, the equivalents of other firms, which use different coding modes, are also presented.

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Catalog of electronic tubes - Series of tubes manufactured until 1956

Reading time: <1 minut In this catalog we sought to make available to technicians (now passionate about vintage electronics) - as much data on the characteristics of electronic tubes, so that they can be used not only for maintenance or repair of devices containing such tubes, but even when designing them.

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