Preamplifier with IPRS Baneasa tone corrector - Prospect 8201

Preamplifier with IPRS Baneasa tone corrector - Prospect 8201

Reading time: 4 minute This assembly complements the "10W Amplifier" 8109 set and is followed by the third "Audio Mixer" 8203 assembly set. All these 3 vintage DIY electronic kits together form an audio frequency amplification chain, having absolutely all the elements necessary for a classic amplifier. . The preamplifier with tone corrector is made with 6 silicon transistors, distributed on several floors.

Audio mixer - IPRS Baneasa - Prospect 8203

Reading time: 5 minute The vintage DIY electronic kit presented is an electronic assembly called "Audio Mixer", because with the help of voltage amplification stages the "mixture" of audio frequency signals provided by the microphone, tape recorder, electromagnetic dose or crystal is achieved. Of course, the assembly can be adapted for other types of inputs.

Neon tube converter - IPRS Baneasa - Prospect 8605

Reading time: 4 minute The neon lamp powered by this installation allows lighting in the absence of the electrical network (for example in camping conditions) or in case of damage to this network. The electronic DIY kit presented aims to familiarize the amateur electronics engineer with the construction and operation of a simple converter with transformer.

Telephone timer - IPRS Baneasa - Prospect 8607

Reading time: 4 minute This vintage DIY electronic kit is a time relay, with a time delay of at least 165 seconds, indicated (at that time) to signal the 3 minutes of a telephone call being exceeded. This 3-minute delay was used because at that time (1988), if this time was exceeded, additional costs were imposed. Of course, the assembly has various other applications in electronics and not only, being relatively easy to build.