Accidental overvoltages

Accidental overvoltages - Circuit elements for limiting voltage peaks

Reading time: <1 minut The most significant part of the electromagnetic disturbances that manifest in the industrial environment is produced by the transient regimes of the electrical equipment and installations as well as by the variations of the amplitude and frequency of the supply voltage over the allowed limits, disturbances that propagate through conduction (supply network). .

Power supply disturbances

Electromagnetic compatibility - Disruptions through the power supply network

Reading time: <1 minut Among the main causes generating disturbances through the supply network, we enumerate: switching of power installations; on-the-go reconfigurations of energy subsystems; changing the operating sockets of the transformers; accidental short circuits; overvoltages due to atmospheric electric discharges;

Cathodic oscilloscope

Cathodic oscilloscope - Cathodic tubes with memory

Reading time: <1 minut Among the main topics presented in this course, we list: The cathode ray tube; The structure and operation of the electronic cannon; Multimode cathode ray tube; Cathode ray tubes; Time base adaptations. Self-timing circuit; Probes for oscilloscopes; Oscilloscope with sequential sampling; Random sampling oscilloscope; Oscilloscope with analog memory; The oscilloscope with digital memory.