Control of motors with microcontrollers

Microcontroller motor control - PWM control of a DC motor with HCTL 1100

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What does the paper present?

Many applications in the field of microcontrollers have the task of driving some motors.

For example, the applications of car - motors from electric windows, dashboard motors, etc. or applications in the field of peripheral equipment - printer, hard disk, etc. Or industrial applications - valve actuators, valves, etc.

The engines can be:

  • direct current with or without brushes;
  • stepper motors;
  • of alternating current with induction;
  • motors with switched reluctance.

The first two categories of engines are used more often in microcontroller applications therefore will be addressed in this chapter.

An engine can be controlled by a microcontroller both directly and through specialized, programmable interfaces.

Course structure

  • Control of DC motors
  • Stepper motor control
  • Position transducers and driver circuits
  • PWM signal generation
  • I / O timers
  • Example of the module for controlling the motors in specialized microcontrollers
  • HCTL 1100 Engine Control Interface (Hewlett Packard)
  • Control of a DC motor through a D / A converter
  • PWM control of a DC motor with HCTL 1100
  • Control a stepper motor with HCTL 1100
  • Connecting the HCTL 1100 circuit to the microcontroller
  • PWM control of motors using MC Motorola 6805
  • PWM control of motors using MC 8051
  • Zero status detector

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