Dictionary of acronyms in computer science

Dictionary of acronyms in computer science

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Author: Petre Rau
Year of publication: 1988

What is an acronym?

In the Romanian language dictionary acronym (acronym) means an abbreviation, a "word" composed, as a rule, of the first or most important letters of an expression.

Have you ever browsed a computer magazine? Or a book in this field? Of course you did! Then you have certainly noticed the abundance of abbreviated words, so abbreviated that only a wise person can understand them.

Some authors, due to lack of space or perhaps out of habit, often leave these abbreviations untranslated or unexplained, as if they were accessible to any reader.

No less true is the fact that, for a good part of the terms used, which come mostly from foreign languages, it is often difficult to adopt a unitary terminology in Romanian.

There are also cases in which some abbreviations in English have been taken over in Romanian without being translated.

What does the paper present?

Most acronyms in this dictionary originate from English expressions. But there are also acronyms from the German language, French or even Romanian (GURU - Group of Romanian Unix Users).

Dictionary structure

The dictionary consists of two parts: the first includes the direct consultation variant, written in the form: Acronym (Expression from which it comes) - Explanations.

This form of presentation can be used to directly search for the origin of an acronym and / or the corresponding explanations.

The second part of the dictionary presents an index for searching for expressions in the dictionary. This can be useful when you have the initial expression and look for an acronym and its explanatory part. The form used in this variant is: Expression - Acronym.



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