High fidelity amplifiers

High fidelity amplifiers - Cabasse power amplifier

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Author: Ing. Ion Presura
Publisher: Tehnica - Bucharest
Year of publication: 1964

What does the book present?

In this paper there is a short presentation of high fidelity amplifiers, following these aspects in the case of common schemes.

The amplifiers used for high fidelity sound reproduction are of various types and have different value parameters. This diversity of schemes and performances is explained by the fact that there is not yet an objective, technical criterion for the appreciation of high fidelity amplifiers.

The structure of the paper

HEAD. 1. Parameters of low frequency amplifiers
HEAD. 2. High frequency preamplifiers
HEAD. 3. High frequency power amplifiers
HEAD. 4. Improving the exploitation possibilities of high frequency amplifiers
HEAD. 5. Powering high frequency amplifiers
HEAD. 6. High fidelity amplifier schemes

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