Petrosani Hobby Magazine - no2 - 2004

Petrosani Hobby Magazine - no. 2 - 2004 - The first capacitor

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Author: Petrosani Children's Club
Quarterly magazine of the circle of electronic constructions and amateur radio
Coordinator: Prof. Kovacs Imre - YO2LTF

The structure of the magazine

1. Slatina Symposium 2003

In period December 15-19, 2003 took place in Slatina, within the "Semicentenary of the days of the children's palace" an interesting exchange of methodological-pedagogical experience entitled "Ways of approaching the technical - applied disciplines in the field of extracurricular activities".

Teachers from many palaces and children's clubs in the country participated, especially from technical circles. The topic was diverse, the emphasis being on the need to support and develop the activities of these clubs. He insisted on the materials presented on the need to introduce the computer during the classes at the club;

2. Making wiring with PnP transfer foil

The realization of small or unique series printed wiring can be realized by different methods, one of them being the use of the type transfer foil. PNP (PRESS and PEEL = press and peel).

This technology is ideal for single or small series wiring of medium complexity. The wiring routes made cannot be smaller than 0.8 mm. Finer routes can only be achieved by other methods;

3. Category C and D competition tests

Details about "Pitesti National Electronics Contest 27-Aug-2003 - 02-Sep-2003"; theoretical test - category C and D;

4. Did you know that?

When you measure something, in reality you compare that something with a fixed amount, for example a meter. This is called a unit of measurement. The metric system was adopted relatively late, before being used as units of measurement parts of the human body;
..and many other curiosities;

5. Signal generator

The generator is based on a typical timer application of the integrated type LM555. This integrated circuit can achieve timings of the order of tenths of a second to hundreds of minutes;

6. The first capacitor

  • Leyda Bottle
  • Van de Graaf car


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