What is a breadboard?

How do we use a Breadboard?

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Authors: Sean Michael Ragan, Jody Culkin
Year of publication: 2017

What is a breadboard?

The Breadboard or Protoboard is a prototyping space generally used for the quick and easy realization of a circuit without the need to glue the wires.

The parts can be connected by male-male type wires, or directly in the holes in the board, the internal connections being made horizontally or vertically. Two buses located on the side, are normally used for power supply, the plate having in total, 2 independent food.

The applications of breadboard are many, being recommended when you start learning electronics.

The internal structure of the breadboard

The structure of the paper

Learn how to build the following breadboard circuits:

  • Dark Detector
  • LED Flasher
  • Electric Cricket
  • Breathing LED
  • Banshee Siren
  • Light Theramin
  • Blues Organ
  • Bike Signal Light
  • Touch switch
  • Led Color Organ



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