Audio and radio-tv integrated circuits - TCxxxx series

Audio and radio-tv integrated circuits - TCxxxx series

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Author: RET Timisoara

What does the catalog present?

In this catalog are presented electronic schemes with TCAxxx integrated circuits. The presented catalog is recommended for enthusiasts of radio receivers, TVs and audio amplifiers.

The structure of the paper

  1. TCA105N - Proximity sensor switch
  2. TCA150 - Amplifier for applications in the audio frequency range in which the useful power does not exceed 5 W
  3. TCA220 - Integrated circuit comprising three operational amplifiers
  4. TCA240 - Dual symmetric modulator / demodulator integrated circuit used in modulators, mixers, choppers, AM-syncodemodulation, FM-quadrature modulators, differential amplifiers, phase comparators
  5. TCA290 - Stereo decoder, with 0,2% distortion and 40 dB channel separation
  6. TCA311 - TTL compatible operational integrated circuit with Darlington input
  7. TCA315A - Darlington input operational amplifier integrated circuit
  8. TCA331A - Operational amplifier; the supply voltage range is 4-20 V, and the maximum current supported is 70 mA; the circuit capsule is DIP 16.
  9. TCA335 - An operational amplifier with Darlington input
  10. TCA345A - Switch with threshold detector with TTL compatible outputs
  11. TCA420 / 420A - FI-FM amplifier-demodulator integrated circuit
  12. TCA440 - AM radio receiver
  13. TCA520 - TTL compatible operational amplifier, designed for low power and voltage applications as well as the comparator function in digital systems
  14. TCA530 - Integrated circuit for the control of varicap diodes
  15. TCA540 - Integrated synchronous TV demodulator circuit with 5 MHz CAF band and 52 dB intermodulation
  16. TCA640 - Chrominance amplifier for SECAM or bisistem decoders
  17. TCA650 - Chrominance demodulator for PAL / SECAM decoders
  18. TCA660 - Provides control of the video signal at the color decoder output
  19. TCA671 - Area of ​​five NPN transistors
  20. TCA730 / 740 - Specialized integrated circuit for applications in the stereo audio range, namely volume control (90 dB) by voltage
  21. TCA750 - Multistabilizer integrated circuit used for some radio receivers
  22. TCA760B - Audio power amplifier, at which the maximum output power does not exceed 2 W
  23. TCA830 / 830A / 830S / 830SM - Power amplifier for applications in the audio frequency range, in which the useful power does not exceed 4.2W
  24. TCA871 - Area of ​​five NPN transistors
  25. TCA900 / 910 - Linear integrated circuits in plastic capsule TO126; are used as fast controllers for DC motors from cassette players or tape recorders
  26. TCA940 / 940E - Power amplifier for applications in the audio frequency range, in which the useful power does not exceed 10 W
  27. TCA955 - Speed ​​rules used in cassette players, video cameras, etc.
  28. TCA965 - Double sill comparator, where the supply voltage varies between 4.75 V and 27 V.
  29. TCA991 - Area of ​​five NPN transistors
  30. TCA4500 - FM stereo decoder integrated circuit with 0.1% distortion and 80 dB signal-to-noise ratio
  31. Annexes (14)

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