Conex Club Magazine - no.1 - 2002

Conex Club Magazine - No. 1 - 2002 - 70W Audio Amplifier (Auto)

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The main topics presented

1. TLV224x (1.8V, 2.9uA, 90kHz, Rail-to-Rail I / O operational amplifiers)

This family represents very low power amplifiers with applications in the most diverse installations because the supply is also made with low voltages and in a wide range. 2.7V-12V; current absorbed 1uA.

2. TAS3002 (Digital Audio Processor With Codec)

Under this name is built a specialized circuit with digital audio processor function. It is distinguished by high electrical performance regarding the digitization and processing of audio signals and low cost price.

3. AD1B60 (Intelligent Digitizing Signal Conditioner)

It is intended for industrial processes and contains a fully configurable system from sensor to digital signal. Accepts thermocouples and signal sources of the order of volts or millivolts directly at the input.

4. 70W Audio Amplifier (Auto)

The amplifier presented is in the monophonic structure with high output current capacity and can be made with the integrated circuit TDA1562Q.

The amplifier is part of the HI-FI product category and can be used in various devices and audio montages. The integrated circuit benefits from thermal protection and Standby and Mute functions activated by the external components properly mounted in the circuit.

5. Color TV generator

The complex TV signal generator presented in the article is designed to adjust the black and white and color television receivers.

It produces both black and white images, color and the sound of the spouses of approx 1000Hz. The electronic part has as main part a microcontroller of the type PIC16F84 </strong> Microcontroller..

6. Infrared receiver for Winamp

Winamp is an interactive PC program designed to play .mp3 files that is aimed mostly at music lovers and more.

Through the virtual graphical interface, this program can execute almost all the commands that a user can exercise on a real music player.

It is presented the realization of a physical interface that allows the remote execution of the commands of this program using us in principle of a remote control.

7. Universal Serial Bus (Operating Architecture)

Accelerating decision making and data processing requires the use of modern procurement techniques.

Data can be transmitted between source and destination both through specialized interfaces, more or less standardized, and through existing ports.

For a typical computer system, these are reflected in the presence of serial ports, both the typical ones conforming to the RS-232 standard, and the USB (Universal Serial Bus) type, and the parallel one, intended mainly for communication with the printer.

USB was developed with the idea that the user should be able to run multiple peripherals on a single computer. without the need to mount additional cards, manually allocate resources, individual configuration and stop and start the computer system repeatedly for each change.

USB combines the bus and communication protocol into a single entity that allows direct connection to a peripheral. USB has the advantage of using a single port for a lot of different devices.

8. Electronic vu-meters

There is an installation of electronic vu-meters made with transistors. The scheme consists of several amplification stages that give it a universal use (the assembly shown can be adapted to both a preamplifier and a power amplifier).

Technical data:

  • construction: integral with transistors;
  • display: ED type diodes (current> 10mA);
  • power supply: 18-24Vc.c. (preferably stabilized);
  • consumption: = 200mA for one channel;
  • mounting dimensions (mm): 110 x 60 x 20;
  • the lighting of diodes D101… D109 is done according to a linear law.

9. MC 1374 (TV Circuit Modulator)

Motorola produces the MC1374 specialized circuit which is a modulator for television signals.

Contains an FM audio modulator, oscillator for sound carriers, TV channel oscillator and modulator. Supports audio and video signal input.

It can be used in various applications, TV games, closed circuit television, etc. A signal can be obtained on 3 or 4 TV channels and it allows voltage supply between 5 and 12V.


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