Petrosani Hobby Magazine - no1 - 2003

Petrosani Hobby Magazine - no. 1 - 2003 - Charger for Ni-Cd batteries

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Author: Petrosani Children's Club
Quarterly magazine of the circle of electronic constructions and amateur radio
Coordinator: Prof. Kovacs Imre - YO2LTF

The structure of the magazine

1. Why HOBBY?

This magazine is dedicated especially to students passionate about electronics. Also #electrokits recommends this magazine to students passionate about electronics and supports the activity of "Hobby" magazine through promotion.

Articles written by students passionate about electronics, automation, radio-TV repairs, internet, software, entertainment, tests for electronics competitions, grid tests in order to obtain an amateur radio license and much more will be published. The practical achievements of the students will find space in this magazine.

If you want to collaborate with this magazine, please access the contact section on the last page of each publication.

2. My passion: the Internet

3. Category A and B competition tests

Details are presented on the "National Electronics Contest - Pitesti 27-Aug-2003 - 2-Sep-2003" - Theoretical test - category A and B;

4. Did you know that?

Electromagnetic waves they are made up of alternative electric and magnetic fields. The first man to realize the connection between electricity and magnetism was James Clerk Maxwell in 1864.

..and many other curiosities;

5. Charger for Ni-Cd batteries

The scheme is made with the help of a low voltage transformer, a rectifier bridge made with 4 diodes type 1N4007, a filter capacitor and the 5V stabilizer integrated circuit, type LA7805;

6 Benjamin Franklin

It is said that Benjamin Franklin he was fascinated by electricity. One stormy night, he and his son William, went to experience the lightning. People believed that lightning was a mysterious force, given as God's punishment, and he wanted to show that it was a form of electricity.

For this, he attached a piece of metal to the kite he raised and a key at the end of the rope. The lightning discharged through the piece of metal to the key.

When Franklin hit the key, the electric arc has occurred. Fortunately, he was not electrocuted and proved that lightning is a source of energy…


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