Catalog of semiconductor devices

Catalog of semiconductor devices - 11.000 electronic components

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Authors: V. Vatasescu, S. Epure
Publisher: Tehnica - Bucharest
Year of publication: 1966

What does the catalog present?

The catalog presents the main characteristic data for approximately 11.000 semiconductor devices, including most of the diodes and transistors existing until 1965.

Indications are given on the technology of each device and of the main manufacturing companies.

The ordering according to the main parameters allows a fast equivalence of the devices, which is especially useful both in design and in operation.

For a proper use of the catalog it is assumed that the reader has the basic knowledge of semiconductor devices. The material that formed the basis of the catalog is mainly the catalogs or prospectuses of the manufacturing companies.

The paper is addressed to engineers and technicians working in the field of electronics, as well as radio amateurs.

Paper structure:

HEAD. 1 - Semiconductor diodes
HEAD. 2 - Germanium transistors
HEAD. 3 - Silicon transistors
HEAD. 4 - Thyristors
Annex I - Companies producing semiconductor devices

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