Speakers - Electrodynamic speaker with direct radiation

Speakers - Electrodynamic speaker with direct radiation

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Authors: P. Apostol, E. Ionescu
Publisher: Tehnica - Bucharest
Year of publication: 1964

Electroacoustic chain

The transmission of audio frequency information is done with the help of an electroacoustic chain. In its most general form, the electroacoustic chain consists of an audio frequency "S" signal source, a "PA" preamplifier, which amplifies and makes the necessary corrections depending on the type of program source, an "AP" power amplifier and a set of speakers that radiate into an open or closed space.

The signal source can be the detector of a radio receiver, a storage device (picup or tape recorder) or a microphone that directly captures sounds.

In a room where speakers or musical instruments can be listened to directly, but in unsatisfactory conditions, an electroacoustic installation is required to improve, complete or apply the primary signal (installation producing auxiliary electroacoustic sound).

The structure of the book

HEAD. I - Introduction
HEAD. II - General considerations on speakers
HEAD. III - Electrodynamic diffuser with direct radiation
HEAD. IV - The technological process of manufacturing the component parts and the diffuser assembly with direct radiation
HEAD. V - The connection between the dimensions of the acoustic screen and the characteristics of the speaker
HEAD. VI - Checking and repairing the speakers in the debugging workshops and by radio amateurs
HEAD. VII - Types of speakers and acoustic systems made worldwide

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