Conex Club Magazine - no.9 - 2005

Conex Club Magazine - no.9 - 2005 - Specialized power drivers - L6202, L6203 and L293

Reading time: 3 minute Among the main topics presented in this issue, we list: L6202 / L6203 - DMOS full bridge driver; L293 - Quadruple half-H driver; Monitoring the position of the axis of a motor; Interface for controlling a DC motor; Electronic key with Smart Card (phone card); Proximity sensor with CD4011.

Conex Club Magazine - no.9-10 - 2002

Conex Club Magazine - no. 9-10 - 2002 - Methods and techniques for measuring conductive structures

Reading time: 4 minute Among the main topics presented, we list: Digital oscilloscope - a channel, for PC; Two-channel remote control receiver; Security systems; Timing presence sensor; Programming alphanumeric LCD displays; Reversible memory counter; Software timers made with C51 series microcontrollers.