Conex Club Magazine - no. 4 - 2006 - 120W bridge amplifier with LM3886

Reading time: 5 minute Among the main topics presented in this issue, we list: Measuring the electrical resistance of solders made with alloys without Pb or conductive adhesives; Performance indicator for "burned" fuses; Active switch for supply voltages; LM385 (B) - Precision fixed voltage reference source; Charger for lead-acid batteries (sealed); Balance indicator; Automatic / manual video switch; Speed ​​regulator for AC motors; Sensory electronic switch - Touch Switch.

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Conex Club Magazine - no. 10 - 2001 - 0-10V DC voltage calibrator

Reading time: 2 minute Among the main topics presented, we list: Program for designing monostable and stable circuits; Stereo controller; Multican remote control station; AT90S1200 microcontroller; 0-10V DC voltage calibrator; Transverter for 50MHz; MC3357 (Low Power Narrowband FM IF); Portable charger for NiCd batteries.

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