Conex Club Magazine - no.7-8 - 2003

Conex Club Magazine - no. 7-8 - 2003 - Integrated fixed voltage regulators

Reading time: 6 minute Among the main topics presented, we list: Protection for acoustic enclosures; Practical measurement of impedances in electronic equipment; Graphical interface - PC-assisted design of transformers; Integrated fixed voltage regulators; Negative voltage stabilizers - minimum output current; ICL8038 - Function generator; Battery charger - Circuit MC33340; TDA7375 - Applications.

Conex Club Magazine - no.3 - 2003

Conex Club Magazine - no.3 - 2003 - Voice recording and playback mode (IDM1400)

Reading time: 6 minute Among the main topics presented in this issue, we list: Small Outline Integrated Circuits (SOIC) capsule; Small Outline Capsule "J" (SOJ); Thin Small Outline Package (TSOP) Capsule; Switching power supplies - MC34063 integrated circuit; Pony Prog - AVR microcontroller programmer; MAX 038 - Function generator; 433MHz MA receiver; Laboratory source 5-40V / 4A; TFDS 4500 (2.7 V to 5.5 V Serial Infrared Transceiver Module Family (SIR, 115.2 kbit / s); TOIM 4232 (SIR Endec for IrDA Applications Integrated Interface Circuit);