The book of the electric car winder

The book of the electric car winder

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Authors: C.Bala, A. Fetita, V.Lefter
Publisher: Tehnica - Bucharest
Year of publication: 1967

What does the paper present?

After a short description of construction of electric cars, introduces himself electrical insulating materials used in the construction of electric car windings.

On separate chapters concentrated windings, direct current induced type windings, alternating current windings are treated, all these types being accompanied by numerous typical winding schemes with their characteristics and field of use, with calculation and re-calculation examples. The alternating current windings with the change of the number of poles and the windings of the small direct and alternating current machines are treated separately.

In the last chapters the construction and execution of the windings, the technological defects and the equipment necessary for winding the windings are treated.

In the tables in the text and in the annexes the characteristics of the usual materials and indications for their use in the construction of different types of windings are included.

The structure of the paper

CHAPTER 1. Construction of electric cars
CHAPTER 2. Conductors and insulating materials used in the construction of electric machines
CHAPTER 3. Concentrated windings
CHAPTER 4. DC type induced windings
CHAPTER 5. AC windings
CHAPTER 6. AC windings with changing the number of poles
CHAPTER 7. Windings of low power electric machines
CHAPTER 8. Constructive elements of the circuit of windings of electric machines
CHAPTER 9. Construction and execution of concentrated windings
CHAPTER 10. Construction and execution of distributed windings
CHAPTER 11. The equipment of the winding workshop for small and medium power electric machines

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