The electronic pioneer

The electronic pioneer - Parts and circuits verification devices

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Author: Ing. Mihai Constantinescu
Publisher: Didactica si Pedagocica - Bucharest
Year of publication: 1972

What does the paper present?

Included in this little guide diagrams of particularly useful measuring devices, both in the activity of the circles and in the individual activity of the amateur radio. It also contains interesting applications, less known in the field of electronics.

Regarding the electronic diagrams presented, these were experienced by the author, both in the electronics circle of the Pioneer Palace and individually.

Thus, some experience and some good quality materials are enough for the success of constructions.

The structure of the book

Part I - At first a little theory

  • Electricity
  • Parts and materials used in assemblies made by amateurs
  • Measuring devices and how to use them
  • Parts and materials used in the assemblies made

Part II - And now at work

  • The laboratory of the electronic pioneer
  • Some important operations necessary to make the devices
  • Mains power supplies for transistor devices
  • Apparatus for checking parts and circuits
  • Devices for checking and troubleshooting radio receivers and amplifiers
  • Bridges for measuring resistors and capacitors
  • Audio frequency generators
  • Electronic voltmeters
  • Electronic time relays
  • Electronic toys
  • Audio frequency amplifiers

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