The radio technician's memorial

Radio technician's memorandum - Propagation of electromagnetic waves

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Authors: Eng. Stelian Lozneanu, Phys. Laczko Arpad
Publisher: Junumea - Iasi
Year of publication: 1985

What does the paper present?

The radio has a rich Specialty literature in which the multitude of specific problems are approached, starting from the elementary level to the higher one. However, it was necessary to appear some synthesis works, which grouping in an accessible and functional way, basic elements from the radiotechnical practice, to constitute a real working tool of the radiotechnician.

This memorandum tries to fulfill this desideratum by proposing to make available to those interested a synthesis of theoretical and practical data, useful in the activity of design, execution and testing of radiotechnical equipment.

In the elaboration of the paper, a vast bibliographic material was used, which allowed on the other hand the synthesis of the most important aspects related to the treated topic, and on the other hand the finding of a unitary way of approaching the problems encountered in radiotechnical practice.

The structure of the paper

The paper is structured on four chapters comprising the main theoretical problems, design relations, nomograms and tabular material, referring to the most important aspects in the field of radiotechnics, as follows:

Chapter 1. Circuit elements
Chapter 2. Circuits
Chapter 3. Propagation of electromagnetic waves
Chapter 4. Electroacoustics

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