Introducere in microprocesoare si microcontrolere

Introducere in microprocesoare si microcontrolere

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Autor: John Crisp
Editura Elsevier – Great Britain
An aparitie: 2004

Ce prezinta lucrarea?

Scopul acestei lucrari este de a face o introducere in domeniul microprocesoarelor si microcontrolerelor.

Cartea prezinta in detaliu, pe intelesul tuturor, informatii despre utilizarea si perceperea subiectelor mentionate anterior.

Structura cartii

  1. Basic microprocessor systems
  2. Binary – the way micros count
  3. Hexadecimal – the way we communicate with micros
  4. How micros calculate
  5. An introduction to logic gates and their uses
  6. Registers and memories
  7. A microprocessor-based system
  8. A typical 8-bit microprocessor
  9. Programming – using machine code and assembly language
  10. High-level languages
  11. The development of microprocessors and microcontrollers
  12. The Pentium family
  13. The PowerPC
  14. The Athlon XP
  15. Microcontrollers and how to use them
  16. Using a PIC microcontroller for a real project
  17. Interfacing
  18. Test equipment and fault-finding

Appendix A: Special function register file
Appendix B: PIC 16CXXX instruction set
Further reading
Quiz time answers

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