Sisteme de sunet interioare JBL

Sisteme de sunet interioare JBL – Calculations for a Distributed Loudspeaker System

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Autor: JBLProfessional
An aparitie: 1999

Despre ce este vorba?

In acest document se prezinta comportamentul sistemelor de sunet in interior, specific pentru marca JBL, variante propuse pana in 1999.

De asemenea se gasesc sugestii detaliate de amplasare a boxelor, difuzoarelor, microfoanelor in diferite incinte.

Structura cartii

1. Behavior of Sound Systems Indoors

  • Acoustical Feedback and Potential System Gain
  • Sound Field Calculations for a Small Room
  • Calculations for a Medium-Size Room
  • Calculations for a Distributed Loudspeaker System
  • System Gain vs. Frequency Response
  • The Indoor Gain Equation
  • Measuring Sound System Gain
  • General Requirements for Speech Intelligibility
  • The Role of Time Delay in Sound Reinforcement
  • System Equalization and Power Response of Loudspeakers
  • System Design Overview

2. System Architecture and Layout

  • Introduction
  • Typical Signal Flow Diagram
  • Amplifier and Loudspeaker Power Ratings
  • Wire Gauges and Line Losses
  • Constant Voltage Distribution Systems (70-volt lines)
  • Low Frequency Augmentation — Subwoofers
  • Case Study A: A Speech and Music System for a Large Evangelical Church
  • Case Study B: A Distributed Speech Reinforcement System for a Large Liturgical Church
  • Case Study C: Specifications for a Distributed Sound System Comprising a Ballroom, Small Meeting Space, and Social/Bar Area

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