30 projects using PICBASIC and PICBASIC PRO

30 projects using PICBASIC and PICBASIC PRO

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Autor: Dogan Ibrahim
Anul aparitiei: 2006
Printed and bound in Great Britain, by MPG Books Ltd.

Ce prezinta lucrarea?

Cartea prezinta 30 de proiecte de electronica embedded care au la baza microcontroller-ul PIC, programat cu ajutorul PicBasic si PicBasic Pro.

Fiecare proiect in parte, este descris detaliat pe intelesul tuturor (contin: coduri, sheme electrice, imagine de ansamblu a montajelor etc.).

Cele 30 de proiecte

Project 1 – Simple flashing LED
Project 2 – Complex flashing LED
Project 3 – Flashing LED warning lights
Project 4 – Turning on odd numbered LEDs
Project 5 – Binary counting LEDs
Project 6 – Left scrolling LEDs
Project 7 – Right scrolling LEDs
Project 8 – Right-left scrolling LEDs
Project 9 – LED dice
Project 10 – 7-segment LED display counter
Project 11 – 7-segment LED dice
Project 12 – Dual 7-segment LED display
Project 13 – Dual 7-segment LED display counter
Project 14 – Dual 7-segment LED event counter
Project 15 – 4-digit display with serial driver – counter project
Project 16 – 4-digit LED with serial driver – counter project with leading zeroes blanked
Project 17 – 4-digit external interrupt-driven event counter
Project 18 – 4-digit timer interrupt-driven chronograph
Project 19 – Car park control system
Project 20 – Seconds counter with LCD display
Project 21 – LCD-based clock with hours, minutes, seconds display
Project 22 – LCD-based chronometer
Project 23 – LCD-based voltmeter using A/D converter
Project 24 – LCD-based thermometer using A/D converter
Project 25 – Serial LCD-based thermometer with external EEPROM memory
Project 26 – Programmable thermometer with RS232 serial output
Project 27 – Electronic organ
Project 28 – Unipolar stepping motor control
Project 29 – Unipolar stepping motor control using UCN5804B
Project 30 – Servomotor-based mobile robot control

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