51 High-Tech Practical Jokes for the Evil Genius

51 High-Tech Practical Jokes for the Evil Genius – Subliminal Audio Mind Control

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Autori: Brad Graham, Kathy McGowan
Editura: McGraw-Hill
Anul aparitiei: 2008

Aceasta carte prezinta 51 de proiecte electronice interesante si inovative – "High-Tech".

Lista proiectelor prezentate detaliat:

Project 1: The Dripping Faucet
Project 2: Evasive Beeping Thing
Project 3: Ghost Door Knocker
Project 4: Putrid Stink Machine
Project 5: Alive and Breathing
Project 6: Hairy Swinging Spider
Project 7: Carpet Crawling Creature
Project 8: Universal Critter Launcher
Project 9: Trash Can Troll
Project 10: Remote Control Jammer
Project 11: Radio Station Blocker
Project 12: Video Fubarizer
Project 13: Audio Distorter
Project 14: Phone Static Injector
Project 15: Hard Drive Failure
Project 16: Serious Car Troubles
Project 17: Glowing Blinking Eyes
Project 18: Computer Audio Nightmare
Project 19: Rats in the Walls
Project 20: Footsteps in the Night
Project 21: Giant Shadow Projector
Project 22: Voices from the Grave
Project 23: Evil-Possessed Doll
Project 24: Telephone Devil Voice
Project 25: Evil Lurching Head
Project 26: Give Us a Sign!
Project 27: Flying Ouija Board
Project 28: The Barbeque Box
Project 29: Simple Induction Shocker
Project 30: Strong Pulse Shocker
Project 31: Disposable Camera Zapper
Project 32: Hissing Gas Container
Project 33: Radiation Detector
Project 34: The Magic Light Bulb
Project 35: Coin-Minting Machine
Project 36: See Through Walls
Project 37: Rigged Lie Detector
Project 38: The Dog Talker
Project 39: Telepathy Transmitter
Project 40: Subliminal Audio Mind Control
Project 41: Subliminal Video Mind Control
Project 42: Flying Vampire Bat
Project 43: The Haunted Ghost Mirror
Project 44: Living Brain in a Jar
Project 45: Universal Motivator
Project 46: Sound-activated Switch
Project 47: Flesh-eating Jack-O-Lantern
Project 48: Spring-Loaded Launch Pad
Project 49: Trap Door Cage
Project 50: Light-activated Trigger
Project 51: Fluffy's Body

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