Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius

Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius – Build Your Own "Thin-Film" Solar Cell

Timp de citit: 2 minute

Autor: Gavin D.J. Harper
Editura: McGraw-Hill
An aparitie: 2007

In aceasta carte se prezinta 50 de proiecte, care implica utilizarea celulelor fotovoltaice si montaje electronice de consum mic.

Lista celor 50 de proiecte prezentate:

Project 1: Build a Solar-Powered Clock!
Project 2: Build Your Own Heliodon
Project 3: Experimenting with Light Rays and Power
Project 4: Build Your Own Flat Plate Collector
Project 5: Solar Heat Your Swimming Pool
Project 6: Useful Circuits for Solar Heating
Project 7: Solar-Powered Ice-Maker
Project 8: Build a Solar Hot Dog Cooker
Project 9: Build a Solar Marshmallow Melter
Project 10: Cook Eggs on Your Driveway Using the Sun
Project 11: Build a Solar Cooker 50
Project 12: Build a Solar Camping Stovev
Project 13: Build a Window-Sill Demonstration Solar Still
Project 14: Build a Pit-Type Solar Still
Project 15: Build a Solar Basin Still
Project 16: Build Your Own "Solar Death Ray"
Project 17: Build Your Own Parabolic Dish Concentrator
Project 18: Experiment with Fresnel Lens Concentrators
Project 19: Build a Solar-Powered Fountain
Project 20: Grow Your Own "Silicon" Crystals
Project 21: Build Your Own "Thin-Film" Solar Cell
Project 22: Experimenting with the Current–Voltage Characteristics of a Solar Cell
Project 23: Experimenting with Current-Voltage Characteristics of Solar Cells in Series
Project 24: Experimenting with Solar Cells in Parallel
Project 25: Experiment with the "Inverse Square Law"
Project 26: Experimenting with Different Types of Light Sources
Project 27: Experimenting with Direct and Diffuse Radiation
Project 28: Measurement of "Albedo Radiation"
Project 29: Build Your Own Photochemical Solar Cell
Project 30: Build a Solar Bird Engine
Project 31: Make a Radial Solar Can Engine
Project 32: Build Your Own Solar Battery Charger
Project 33: Build Your Own Solar Phone Charger
Project 34: Build Your Own Solar – Powered Radio
Project 35: Build Your Own Solar – Powered Torch
Project 36: Build Your Own Solar- Powered Warning Light
Project 37: Build Your Own Solar- Powered Garden Light
Project 38: Simple Solar Tracker
Project 39: Build Your Own Solar Car
Project 40: Hold Your Own Solar Car Race
Project 41: Souping Up Your Solar Vehicle
Project 42: Supercharge Your Solaroller
Project 43: Build Your Own Solar Airship
Project 44: Assembling Your Photopopper Photovore
Project 45: Generating Hydrogen Using Solar Energy
Project 46: Using Stored Hydrogen to Create Electricity
Project 47: Proving Biofuel Requires Solar Energy
Project 48: Proving Biofuel Requires Water
Project 49: Looking at the Light- Absorption Properties of Chlorophyll
Project 50: Make Your Own Biodiesel

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