Proiecte cu PIC16F54, PIC12F675 si PIC12F508

The PIC microcontroller – Editia a III-a – Proiecte cu PIC16F54, PIC12F675 si PIC12F508

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Autor: John Morton
Editura: Elsevier
An aparitie: 2005
Printed and bound in Great Britain

Despre ce este vorba?

Cartea prezinta numeroase proiecte embedded care au la baza utilizarea microcontroller-elor PIC, in special cele din seria PIC5x, PIC12F50x. De altfel, sunt prezentate si aplicatii cu PIC12F675. Aceasta este recomandata pasionatilor de electronica embedded.

Structura lucrarii

Exploring the PIC5x series

  • Your first program
  • Configuration bits
  • Testing the program
  • Simulating
  • Emulating
  • Blowing the PIC microcontroller
  • Hardware
  • Using the testing instructions
  • Timing
  • Seven-segment displays
  • The program counter
  • Subroutines and the stack
  • Logic gates
  • The watchdog timer
  • Final instructions
  • The STATUS file register
  • The carry and digit carry flags
  • What caused the reset?
  • Indirect addressing
  • Some useful (but not vital) tricks
  • Final PIC5x program – 'Bike buddy'
  • The PIC12F50x series (8-pin PIC microcontrollers) 90

Differences from the PIC16F54

  • The STATUS register
  • The OSCCAL register
  • Inputs and outputs
  • The OPTION register
  • The TRIS register
  • The general purpose file registers
  • The MCLR
  • Configuration bits
  • Example project: 'PIC dice'
  • Random digression

Intermediate operations using the PIC12F675

  • The inner differences
  • The OPTION and WPU registers
  • The TRISIO register
  • Calibrating the internal oscillator
  • PCLATH: Higher bits of the program counter
  • Remaining differences


  • The interrupt service routine
  • Interrupts during sleep
  • Maintaining the STATUS quo
  • New program template
  • Example project: 'Quiz game controller'


  • EECON1
  • Reading from the EEPROM
  • Writing to the EEPROM
  • Example project: 'Telephone card chip'
  • Further EEPROM examples: Music maker

Power monitor

  • Analogue to digital conversion
  • ADCON0
  • ANSEL: Analogue select register
  • A/D conversion interrupt
  • Example project: 'Bath monitor'

Comparator module

  • Voltage reference
  • Comparator interrupts
  • Comparator example: 'Sun follower'
  • Comparator example: Reading many buttons from one pin
  • Final project: Intelligent garden lights

Advanced operations and the future

  • Extra timers: TMR1 &..
  • Capture/Compare/PWM 139
  • USART: Serial communication
  • Programming tips

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