Sound System Design Reference Manual - JBL

Sound System Design Reference Manual – JBL

Timp de citit: 2 minute Lucrarea prezinta aspecte teoretice cat si practice despre sistemele de sunet JBL. Printre principalele subiecte discutate, enumeram: Wave Propagation; The Decibel; Directivity and Angular Coverage of Loudspeakers; An Outdoor Sound Reinforcement System; Fundamentals of Room Acoustics; Behavior of Sound Systems Indoors; System Architecture and Layout;

Handbook of Real-Time and Embedded Systems – Real-Time Data Services for Automotive Applications

Timp de citit: 2 minute Un sistem de operare in timp real este un sistem de operare proiectat pentru aplicatii in timp real. Aceste sisteme sunt folosite in general pentru computere de tip embedded (inglobate in aparate mai mari, precum telefoane mobile, roboti industriali sau echipamente de cercetare stiintifica).

Manual de curs LabVIEW – Creating editing and debugging a Virtual Instrument

Timp de citit: 2 minute Printre principalele subiecte prezentate in aceasta carte, enumeram: Introduction to LabVIEW; Creating a sub Virtual Instrument; Loops and charts, arrays, graphs and clusters; Case and sequence structures; Strings and file I/O; Data acquisition and waveforms; Virtual Instruments customization;